"Getting started with InCharge has been smooth and easy"

InCharge Smart Borettslag is making it easier for the residents of Rosteriet borettslag to charge their electric cars at home. Rosteriet is the first borettslag in Sweden to sign up for the InCharge electric car charging service designed specifically for borettslag tenant-owner cooperatives.

Located in the Liljeholmen suburb of Stockholm, Rosteriet  borettslag chose to invest in a total of twelve charging stations with InCharge Smart Brf.

- Our association is quite large, so it wasn't such a big investment. In addition to installation and 3G / 4G modems, we also chose load balancing within the cluster, which helps manage electricity consumption for our chargers.

- We checked several options before we decided on InCharge. The price, along with the Chargestorm technology were what made InCharge our choice, said Rosteriet board member Mattias Björklund who participated in the vendor selection process.

- From my perspective, Björklund continued, with a full-time job plus brf board duties, it was important that the solution was simple and flexible. The information on the website is clear, so our members can easily find answers to their questions.

All our members with electric cars are very happy!

Chairman Rosteriet borettslag, Mattias Björklund

A convenient solution

More and more tenant-owner associations are investing in electric car charging stations as an environmentally-friendly alternative. But many people also value the modern convenience of being able to "refuel" their car at home.

I'll probably get a rechargeable hybrid in the future. So, it is super easy to be able to park the car at home and have it fully loaded the next day. The members who have electric cars have told me they are very happy with InCharge, so we may invest in more charging stations in the future.

Some tips from Mattias 

  • Check the size of your parking spaces as electric cars can be quite large.

  • Find out how many of the members want electric charging.

  • Divide the costs of the parking spaces with electricity over 8-10 years so it becomes more reasonable for the residents, and the association gets the investment costs back.

  • Avoid administration by making sure your supplier offers a payment solution.

InCharge Smart Borettslag

  • InCharge boxes with internet connectivity for smart charging and easy charging.
  • Access to the My InCharge web portal for tracking and management of your Smart Borettslag plan.
  • Faster and safer than charging from a standard electrical outlet.