Let us help you lead the transition to electric charging

Today, Vattenfall InCharge makes companies in Europe more attractive to their customers and employees by offering charging in connection with work or visits. InCharge offers complete solutions with charging boxes, services and installation, so that the needs of employees and visitors are taken care of while the company's focus is on its core business.

We give you the opportunity to set up a charging station at your company, and we take care of everything from preparation and installation, to connection and invoicing - always adapted to you and your company's needs. Maybe you want to be able to choose who gets to use the charging station, or a more public system that attracts completely new groups of customers to your company. It's all possible.

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InCharge helps Volvo's customers and employees charge fast

Vattenfall InCharge partners with Volvo so that Volvo's customers and employees in Sweden have access to easy charging of their electric cars. In addition to fast charging, there is also a simple billing solution available via the Vattenfall InCharge app, which connects to Volvo's own Carpay payment solution.

Solutions for your needs


Businesses and organisations

From free employee charging, fleet solutions or charging for a fee, our solutions are adjustable for businesses of any size.


Housing associations and property owners

Offer your residents shared or private charging stations to create a greener, more pleasant living environment.

Municipalities and energy companies

Connect your public charging stations to Vattenfall InCharge for smooth operation and invoicing.

Car manufacturers

Make your electric vehicles more attractive by adding on a plug-and-play charging solution.

Be a part of Vattenfall InCharge!

In three simple steps, you can become part of an extensive charging network for electric cars. We make sure that you easily and safely get a solution adapted to the company and the customers' needs.

1. What do you need?

We determine together how many charging stations should be installed and where to install them. We also help you decide if load balancing or a more powerful connection is needed. We perform a site preparation and provide a quote for hardware, installation and services based on your needs, including user behaviour, available power supply and site conditions.

2. Installation and maintenance

We offer installation from our experienced and certified technicians. To guarantee a safe setup, we can also support your own authorized installation provider. All our charging stations are connected to mobile networks and come with Vattenfall InCharge services for remote payment, monitoring and troubleshooting.

3. Start charging!

Electric car drivers can access your stations with Vattenfall InCharge cards, tags or our mobile app. We invoice users and refund the surplus from the revenue to you. Our automated monitoring system notifies us in the event of a problem, and remote troubleshooting, we help ensure uptime for your InCharge stations.

Do you want to know more?

Get in touch via our contact form and briefly describe what we can help you with. You'll hear from us soon for a conversation.



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