We give you unlimited access to our extensive charging network. With Vattenfall InCharge you get:

22,000 public charge points

Access to 22,000 public charge points in Norway, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

Charging overview

Overview of your charging history and active charging cards via My InCharge portal and mobile app.

Smooth mobile app

Find charging stations, view available chargers and manage payments. Our mobile app makes it easy for you to recharge at all public charging stations from Vattenfall and partners.

Charge card and tags


Free charging card or tag from Vattenfall InCharge!

Vattenfall InCharge makes it easy to charge private, company and fleets of electric vehicles on the go. Sign up for access to all our public InCharge stations across Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

Order a charge card or tag and get started! Order for free and receive your charge card or charge tag within a few days. Please note that you cannot log in to the My InCharge portal unless you have received a link via email and have activated your account first. To get an activation link, order a free charge card or tag. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to activate your My InCharge account.


Get your card or tag


Where's the nearest charging station?

With Vattenfall InCharge, you'll always know where the nearest station is as you travel within Sweden and Northern Europe. Download the market-leading InCharge app to find the nearest stations and current prices for charging. 







Why should you get the app?


  • Find all current charging stations
  • See availability
  • Start charging via the app 
  • View price and pay directly in the app
  • Save all your favorite stations so you are always ready for the next time you charge on the go


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