A smart choice for your borettslag

Today, borettslag (homeowner associations) need an easy way to give all members access to electric cars chargers. When you choose Vattenfall InCharge Borettslag, we supply both the installation and hardware to make sure everything runs smoothly for the entire borettslag.


Included in Vattenfall Incharge Borettslag:


  • Charging boxes with internet connectivity for smart and easy charging.
  • Access to the My InCharge web portal for tracking and management of your charging box.
  • Faster and safer than charging from a standard electrical outlet. 





Get set in just 6 steps

  1. Choose a suitable number of charging stations according to your needs. Remember to include growth potential, as more interest is often aroused when people see how smoothly it works!

  2. We offer installation throughout Norway regardless of situation and location. Keep in mind that your choice of location can affect the installation cost.

  3. Choose the type of charging box you want. We offer a variety of flexible options, ranging from duo boxes to boxes with fixed cables and higher charging effect.

  4. The cost depends on the number of charging boxes and what options you select.

  5. Vattenfall InCharge Borettslag is compatible with all electricity suppliers and electricity distributors in Norway.

  6. Choose a price for charging, we will invoice your members and manage the reimbursement to your association.


Vattenfall InCharge Borettslag

You can customize your charging solution completely according to your needs whether you want help with the installation or a faster charging. Dynamic load balancing and fixed cable are also optional. There are simply many possibilities with Vattenfall InCharge Borettslag.

Faster charging?

Using a 3.7 kW charging station for one hour will charge your car enough to travel approximately 20 km, a 7,4 kW charging station charges for 40 km/hour while an 11 kW charging station charges for 60 km during the same time. All cars can be charged with all voltages, but not all cars can receive the higher-capacity charge. Today's electric cars can usually charge on 11 kW while hybrids cannot. More and more cars are designed to use the higher current, making 11 kW the future-proof choice.

Fixed cable

Vattenfall InCharge Borettslag with fixed cable means that you always have the charging cable close at hand, connected to the charging box. InCharge boxes are equipped with standard European Type 2 charging cables as used by Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Volkswagen, Volvo and other major automakers. If you have a car which requires a Type 1 outlet, we recommend you to buy a separate Type 1 charging cable.


Do you need more charging boxes? Are the charging stations outdoors or perhaps far apart? Nearby indoor places make installation easier and cheaper, and poles and foundations can be solved for those who do not want the charging stations mounted on the wall. Whatever your needs are, our specialists take care of the installation. We always install a 4G modem to ensure the highest quality connection and user experience.

Load balancing?

Often, borettslag residents all want to charge their cars at the same time. This creates a stress on the electrical grid which may result in extra costs for your borettslag. To help balance your electricity consumption (and your bills), we offer two options for load balancing. The first option is to set a maximum for how much electricity the chargers may consume. This way, the power is distributed equally between all your chargers so that everyone gets power without blowing a fuse. The second option is to balance the property's total consumption so that any free capacity is allocated for electric car charging.

My InCharge

In our web portal My InCharge you can monitor the status of your stations and also manage who has access to your stations. You can also compile and download reports to make follow ups on the consumption of the stations and the usage of the charge cards and tags.

Have in mind

We think it should be easy to charge your electric car, so we make it possible to use any electricity supplier or network owner you like. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us directly.


Teknisk informasjon

Hardware: Chargestorm Connected 3,7 kW.

Size: 280 x 440 x 160 mm.

Connection: Mode 3, Type-2.

Network: 4G.

Installation: Optional

Circuit breaker: Included

Cable: Optional, 4 m

Mounting: Wall mounted

My InCharge: Controll permission and track usage online