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InCharge – our journey

Imagine a world where you can drive, explore, tour, travel, transport goods, and discover the world with your car without polluting the air, or affecting the climate, or worrying about range limits.

We are making it happen with InCharge. Here and now.

By making electric driving the natural choice, we are enabling you to take charge of the future. The key is a smooth charging experience – easy, smart and without borders. At home, at work, in public, anywhere you go.

That’s why we’re inviting companies, organisations and cities to boost the number of charge points with us as a partner. We meet all your charging needs – from charging stations to software, service, and a seamless billing experience. 

Together, we can change the way people commute, travel, or just get around. All to put us in charge of our future.


InCharge. Accelerating the change to electric driving.InCharge is an initiative from Vattenfall. At Vattenfall, our mission is fossil-free living within one generation. We use all our power, expertise and connections to provide everything you need for a climate-smarter life.


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